Working with the The RUSA foundation

The RUSA foundation which was set up to promote grass root sports and building community spirit by providing relief, in whichever form necessary, to disadvantaged and underprivileged families have made a generous donation to support the work of White Ribbon NI.

Tahnee McCorry from White Ribbon said, " I am so thankful for this kind and generous donation to help support our workshops for young people. I am also delighted we have the opportunity to work with the The RUSA foundation and am confident that what we achieve together will help influence real change.

Through awareness raising and education White Ribbon NI seeks to end violence against women. We believe giving young people the information, they need about healthy relationships is a step we can all take towards being part of the solution .

Together with The RUSA foundation we have identified an important mutual goal - to help EVERY young person realise they have the power to change our society for the better.."

Ross Lazaroo-Hood, Founder & Co-Chairman of The RUSA Foundation said, “We are very proud for our families charity to partner with White Ribbon NI and introduce our Trustees plus members to the campaign. Our upcoming joint projects will have an impact on many. I am delighted to have signed the white ribbon pledge with Sitki Gelmen, joining so many others who also have put their name to pledge transparency to this Meaningful campaign.”

Sitki Gelmen, Founder & Co-Chairman of the RUSA Foundation,

Said " I am also very happy that our families charity has partnered with White Ribbon. We all have the opportunity to make a change, change takes time and we want to be part of this journey. We are excited about developing projects together that will build knowledge and provide further platforms to assist those in need. A special thank you to Tahnee and the Board for working with us."

The Founders, Ross Lazaroo-Hood and Sitki Gelmen, of The RUSA Foundation have signed the white ribbon pledge - the pledge to never commit , condone or remain silent about violence against women and girls.